Head Injury

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A head injury is damage to the brain caused since birth. There are many possible causes including illness, a fall, a road traffic accident, tumour or a stroke.

Even after a minor head injury the brain may be temporarily impaired, this is sometime referred to as Concussion. It can lead to headaches, dizziness balance problems, fatigue and memory impairment.

The more severe the brain-injury, the more pronounced the long-term effects are. People are likely to have movement difficulties which can range from mobility limitations, weakness, balance and co-ordination problems to severe movement problems where they are unable to move independently, experience severe spasticity or paralysis and have problems with swallowing, breathing and communicating verbally.

Often with brain injury there are many unseen affects on the brain. These may include, fatigue with daily activities, mood changes which may be anger, depression or excitation. Also, memory and the ability to understand and organise your life (executive functions) may be more difficult.

How Ilkley Physio Will Help Your Head Injury Needs

When we meet someone with a brain injury for the first time, it is important that we have as much information as possible from the team around them, i.e family and or support staff. We meet them in their own environment where they feel comfortable and we can observe how they manage around that environment and some of the difficulties they may have. We initially take a history, which is really about listening to their story.

From there we will go through a physical assessment to identify where their individual strengths are and where there are difficulties/limitations. It is important to find out what the goals are for that person. We will then discuss with them what the physiotherapy plan will be. This may involve regular physiotherapy input depending on the ability of the patient, a home exercise plan, advice on seating, positioning, purchase of equipment, teaching carers, possibly hydrotherapy sessions and liaison with the team around the patient so that the goals are coordinated.

Here’s what Mark had to say about his experience with Ilkley Physiotherapy:

male-silhouette-270x270“I first heard about Ilkley Physio by word of mouth, which is often the best recommendation. We were desperately trying to find someone with the expertise and knowledge for our son, as we felt everyone had given up on him. Hetty had the expertise of neuro physio and chest problems which my son needed following a Road Traffic Accident. Hetty has transformed his life by re-training his neuro pathways, he can now stand and walk short distances with help. More importantly he is a brighter and happier person. Read More >>

Get in touch if you recognise any of these symptoms and one of our team will get back to you to see how we can help.