When it comes to physiotherapy children cannot simply be treated as little adults so it is important that your child sees a specialist children’s paediatrics physiotherapist. They will understand how children develop and learn movement skills and where problems can arise.

How Ilkley Physio Will Help Your Child’s Paediatrics Needs

The first step in helping your child involves a thorough assessment. This will include talking to you about your child’s medical and developmental history and finding out what they are able to and unable to do now. Sometimes children are able to tell us what their difficulties are but more often than not we use careful observation and gentle testing of their movement abilities during play to find out where the difficulties lie.

After discussing the assessment findings with you and your child we can then go on to work out a therapy programme that suits you all. This could be advice on suitable activities, and a check -up when you feel it is needed, or you may wish a physiotherapist to visit regularly to carry out physiotherapy treatment so that you can concentrate on being a parent rather than a therapist.

Whatever you decide, the aim is to make the physiotherapy as enjoyable as possible and as easy to fit into a normal busy life as possible. For this reason we usually come to your home so we can see the child in their own familiar environment and use their favourite toys and activities to motivate and make therapy fun. Seeing you at home means we can also make realistic suggestions about how physiotherapy might fit into daily activities with the family.

Physiotherapy is usually far more effective and easier for everyone when incorporated into everyday activities rather than considered as a separate “chore” to be done. We also know that things work better when there is good communication with others involved with your child’s care. So, with your permission, we are happy to liaise with your NHS therapists and anyone else involved. We can also visit nurseries and schools to treat children and involve staff in their physiotherapy programme too.

There is no one size fits all therapy technique or method for children so we will take the time to find out what works for your child, respect them as individuals whatever their diagnosis and work with you to get the best results possible.

It may be possible to arrange hydrotherapy or rebound therapy sessions using local facilities which can be hired. Sometimes a session in a local play centre, swimming pool or even riding school is beneficial.

Here’s what Wesley’s mum had to say about their experience with Ilkley Physiotherapy:

female-silhouette“Kay has been working with our son Wesley, who has cerebral palsy, for over 2 years.
We’ve been hugely impressed with the service and delighted with the results.  In that time we have seen so much development in Wesley’s movement: he has mastered many of his physio objectives to date. Kay has been visiting us weekly, in that time she not only has forged a great way of working with Wesley but has offered sound advice, suggestions and techniques on how we might see further developments in Wesley’s mobility. Read More >>

Get in touch if you recognise any of these issues and one of our team will get back to you to see how we can help.