"I have cerebral palsy, use a wheelchair and communicate using an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device, which I operate using a switch. I have had physiotherapy with Jane for the past 12 years, which during the past 4 years have become regular weekly sessions.
My physiotherapy is specific to my needs and tailored to suit me. Jane has suggested and supported me to purchase specialist equipment (Active hands, Second skin, mollii suit, saebo glide pole, motomed bicycle, physiotherapy support blocks, floor mats), and had supported my staff team to assist me whilst I complete set exercises outside of sessions.  I have recently started my first job, and finding myself able to complete a long shift without any soreness. I have previously suffered with neck pain and now it does not hurt or interfere with what I am doing. I enjoy my physiotherapy sessions because Jane is always nice and works hard to make sessions fun as well as productive. I would recommend Ilkley physiotherapy to anybody with cerebral palsy because it is the best physiotherapy I have had."

Tracy, Katie's Mum


"Katie had a traumatic birth, as a result of which she was left with athetoid cerebral palsy. The condition causes tightness and increased tone in all of her muscles including her ability to swallow and her speech.
Jane Bryant came to us when Katie was 12 years old. Jane is a very knowledgeable and thorough physio and quickly devised a therapy plan for Katie to work through with one of Jane’s employees. After 6 years of 3 to 4 weekly visits Jane took over Katie’s therapy.
For the last 3 years or so Katie has continued to improve and has become very aware of her own body. She is able to isolate muscle groups and works them effectively. She has never plateaued or taken a step back in her physical wellbeing unless when suffering illness. Jane is always there to help Katie to bounce back.
Now at 22 Katie has begun her journey using a Mollii suit. The referral came through Jane who saw the therapy suit at a conference and thought Katie an ideal candidate. The suit has only just arrived and we are all very excited to see how she now progresses. With the help of her physio and her own dedication we are hopeful of even more improvement.
We would certainly recommend Ilkley Physiotherapy to anybody requiring help after a brain injury."


male-silhouette-270x270"I first heard about Ilkley Physio by word of mouth, which is often the best recommendation. We were desperately trying to find someone with the expertise and knowledge for our son, as we felt everyone had given up on him. Hetty had the expertise of neuro physio and chest problems which my son needed following a Road Traffic Accident. Hetty has transformed his life by re-training his neuro pathways, he can now stand and walk short distances with help. More importantly he is a brighter and happier person."



"Having had MS for 32 years there have been many changes in my abilities causing difficulties in my everyday life.  Physiotherapy has made a real difference in helping me manage and improve my physical and emotional health. In recent challenges the work I have been doing with Jane Bryant has helped me by limiting some of the effects of MS.  My balance and trunk control have improved.  I have learnt many techniques to help me strengthen my head control and my eating as well as maintaining my standing ability"

Wesley's Mum


"Kay has been working with our son Wesley, who has cerebral palsy, for over 2 years.
We've been hugely impressed with the service and delighted with the results. In that time we have seen so much development in Wesley's movement: he has mastered many of his physio objectives to date. Kay has been visiting us weekly, in that time she not only has forged a great way of working with Wesley but has offered sound advice, suggestions and techniques on how we might see further developments in Wesley's mobility. Kay has been brilliant and has become a good friend to Wesley: his sessions are a fantastic example of therapy through play. We look forward to working with Kay and Ilkley Physio for years to come."




"I have had a C5/6 spinal injury (broken neck) for over 21 years. This means that I’m paralysed from the chest down, I can’t stand, move my legs, fingers or sit up without help. A spinal injury doesn’t change but without my physio’s input my limbs would stiffen and I would develop spasm, pain and complications.

I applied to my CCG for a personal Health Budget to fund my long term physiotherapy and chose Ilkley Physiotherapy because of their expertise and friendly professional approach.

My physiotherapist, Jane, is a specialist neurological physio. She understands the exact effects my injury has had on my body and can work with me to help prevent complications and deterioration in my condition. Jane visits me at home and works with me to stretch my limbs and maintain good posture. This improves my seating, prevents pain and ensures I can function without having spasm. Jane has also been able to help me with advise about wheelchair seating and choosing the right equipment for my needs. Since having physiotherapy I have not needed the medication I used to take for pain and spasm.

I would definitely recommend Ilkley physiotherapy to anyone looking for a reliable, professional treatment solution."



"Physiotherapy is a vital part of my life. It is essential to maintain my health & maximise my abilities. Working with Jane has helped me improve & progress throughout my rehabilitation .My sessions can include passive arm & leg stretches, functional arm movements, through to assisted standing exercises. I continue to have Physio sessions weekly to stay fit & healthy."





"When my partner Colin had a massive stroke nearly seven years ago he left hospital needing carers 4 times daily and they had to use a hoist to move him from bed to chair. We arranged for weekly visits from Ilkley Physiotherapy, first with Jane and after a few months with Hetty who still treats him now. Due to their expertise, care, advice and encouragement he was able to walk with assistance and the use of a walking stick within a few months. He has improved steadily from then on and is able to live a more active life than we ever dreamed would be possible again. Progress is slower now, as expected, yet we still see small improvements. Hetty has become a good friend as well as an excellent therapist and Colin looks forward to her visits. We can highly recommend Ilkley Physiotherapy."


female-silhouette"When I first met Jane I was suffering very badly with dizziness following on from a head injury I had received about 6 months previously. My doctor had just prescribed some medication which was having no effect at all, I had suffered a few falls due to the dizziness and I was walking with two sticks to try to prevent me falling and I was becoming too scared to go out on my own in case I had a dizzy spell. My life was severely affected by this. Luckily a friend put me in touch with Jane and she turned things around for me so quickly. She very quickly pinpointed the problem and gave me exercises to help combat the dizziness, these entailed a lot of head movement which was not pleasant at times, but very very quickly started to improve things. With the dizziness combated I was able to get my life back together and start to do things on my own again, I am now working full time, driving again and back to normal, I don’t know what I would have done without Jane, she saved my life!"

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